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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Musicals and a review! -Legally Blonde!-

How sad is that title; it wasn't very creative at all! Regardless, I'm talking (rambling maybe...) about something very creative: musicals! Recently, I was lucky enough to get tickets to see the musical "Legally Blonde" at our local theatre. I didn't have high hopes for the production because the musical was based off a well known movie (as you probably know!). Nonetheless, I was really excited because I have seem multiple productions at that theatre and they have all been great. Before the show even began I noted on the interesting scenery and prop choices. Most of the props were small or open because it was a theatre in the round (audience members were sitting on all sides) but they were also eye-catching, interesting and fit the performance well. The show opened with a catchy song that was not only funny, but told the back story flawlessly and the singing was phenomenal. Throughout the show I was captivated. It was hilarious, the characters were very personable and the movie was recreated in what I felt was an even better performance, not to mention a great message.
Overall, I would give it five out of five stars. *****
Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the show, but it reminded me how much respect I have for the cast and crew of musicals. When watching a show, the audience is reminded how much time and effort goes into every production! In Legally Blonde there were two live dogs that not only behaved nicely on stage but they barked seemingly without a command and did all of their tricks perfectly. It really showed how long they had worked on the production and the audience could tell. I was very, very impressed! Definitely go and check it out :)

-Keep you're eyes open for an upcoming Jersey Boys musical review! :D

5 star performance :)

Legally Blonde the Musical 


  1. Emily, I also think it is really important to take the time to notice how much time the cast, including dogs puts into any production. However, I feel like sometimes a lot of people do not take the time to notice this. Some people only see the flaws in a production, but honestly, no one can be perfect and what they have got right is probably a huge achievement in itself. I think that this goes for sports, too. Sometimes all that people notice is a win or a loss, but sometimes a loss may be your best game yet. Whatever the production is, sports or a play, it is important to always see how much time and effort the performers or players put into it. Thanks for your blog post!

  2. I'm really happy that you did a review on this musical because I've wanted to see this for the longest time! I know some of the music from the musical and I have to say the first song is my favorite. I also agree that taking time to realize how hard the cast and crew work benefits the audience and makes it even more interesting to watch a production. Is there any other songs or scenes that you enjoyed? Also, do you know any other show times that are coming up soon? I would love to see this musical!