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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hobbies and Surprising Experiences

Recently at school we had a day where everyone was able to go to classes of things that interest them (like a hobby) instead of their usual classes. There were tons of amazing options. There were classes that involved cooking, art, music, sports/athletics, and almost anything else that you can think of. However, sadly, my class was one of the last classes to sign up. I was forced to sign up for two classes that were not my first choice.
The first class I had was a band I had never heard of called "Jackpot Donnie Band", and the second class I had was "scrapbooking". I was happy with my second class because luckily I really enjoy scrapbooking, but I was not looking forward to my first class. To make my lack of excitement even worse, I heard from a lot of people who were also 'forced' to go to Jackpot Donnie that they were a strange band of people playing rock-reggae band. I also heard that they had a song about elbows; so, no surprise, I had very low expectations for the concert.
The morning of, I grudgingly woke up and headed over to the school; however, once I arrived at school and the performance began, I noticed a few people up front dancing. Gradually, one by one, people were going up and dancing together, so, naturally, I joined the group. One of the band members asked a few people to play an instrument on stage with them and I was chosen along with a few others! When the concert was over, I was actually kind of sad to leave because I had so much fun and the music hadn't been bad at all.
Even though I ended up having a great day, it wasn't only great because the concert was awesome, but I was happy because I had given something new a chance even though I didn't think I would like it and I ended up loving it! Even though people always tell you that you should try new things and maybe you do with food or with experiences, but the message doesn't sink in nearly as well until you live it. New things that sound strange may turn out to be a great experience! :)

Jackpot Donnie Band

Skydiving-- one other thing I want to do

Wow... I'm not sure what to call this... but it looks amazing!

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  1. Good for you! How mature and open-minded to give something new a chance! So glad that your day turned out positively! Thanks for sharing.